Crisis and quality in the autumn murky nights

  • Crisis — a personal as well as general situation where you can’t say with assured certainty and credibility what is coming next. A limbo where all can still happen, for the better or for the worse, but we have lost our ability to predict any possible outcome of our daily decisions and actions.
  • We need things that last. We need quality, not only quantity. It’s pretty a silly thing to say today, in such a consumer and throw-away culture and society, but it’s also something one cannot avoid thinking over and over again. The problem, maybe, is that true quality — and true appreciation of quality too — needs a protracted, inexhausted, lifelong process of learning, training and practice. But we are no more used to this either.
  • Soon you start to read and write, when you wake up soon in the early hours of the murky autumn nights. Soon you feel pretty elated.
  • Sempre più spesso scoprirsi a pensare e scrivere in inglese. E non credere sia solo il fatto che in inglese sono ormai gran parte delle letture. La sensazione è che questa dismissione linguistica celi la credente insofferenza e stanchezza per l’Italia e l’italiano di oggi.